Application development in the component age
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Components and Tools


Component2Help features in details.

Automatically generate the documentation for your .NET assemblies
Component2Help generates .NET documentation based on assembly metainformation and XML Documentation files.

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Keeping your documentation up-to-date is easy!
Develop your classes and do not worry about documentation updates. Component2Help does it for you.

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Component/Class-oriented topic editors.
Define/update type information when necessary. For example, you can remove some interfaces from the list of implemented ones, etc. for members lists topics, define which members should be presented (properties, methods, etc.).

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WYSIWYG Editor for topic contents
Format your text as you want, add links to class reference topics, etc.

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Provide Code samples in C# and VB - syntax highlighting is performed automatically!
Special editor fields allow you to provide code snippets - they are automatically formatted and highlighted for C# or VB.NET languages.

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Topics preview
Preview tab allows you to preview your documentation. Links between documentation topics work in preview mode too!

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