Application development in the component age
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Components and Tools


Solutions for .NET application and component developers: Extend Windows common dialogs in your applications using Dialog Workshop for WPF, Dialog Workshop.NET or Dialog Workshop for VCL depending on your platform. We also develop components for individual customers.

Dialog Workshop.WPF Dialog Workshop for WPF
Powerful dialog components for your pure and most recent WPF applications.
- Dock WPF window to the dialog box;
- Declare your dialogs in code-behind or XAML;
- Optimized for WPF bindings;
- Customize dialog items captions and dialog position;
- Does not require Windows Forms assemblies;
- Among standard Open/Save dialogs, new Vista/Windows 7-style Open/Save dialogs added;
- More, more, more...

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Dialog Workshop.NET Dialog Workshop.NET
Powerful dialog components for your WinForms applications. Allows you to access all features of standard Windows common dialogs with minimal efforts! Extend Windows dialogs without writing a line of code! Many new features which do not exist in original .NET dialog components: - "dock" your own WinForm to the dialog; - custom dialog items captions; - customized dialog startup position; - design-time support, etc.

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Dialog Workshop for VCL Dialog Workshop for VCL (Win32)
Dialog components for your Delphi and C++Builder applications. They allow you to extend windows common dialogs without writing a line of code! You do not need to work with any resource files and/or resource editors at all. All what you need is just place one component into your main form and create forms which you want to "dock" to your dialog. Forget about Resource Workshop, WinAPI, and writing many lines of code. Dialog Designer (part of design-time package) allows you to set the initial dialog position relative to different forms of your application, dialog caption, preview your dialog at design-time without recompiling\running your application.

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Dialog Workshop .NET Studio Dialog Workshop Studio for .NET
Your applications target both WPF and Windows Forms? You can buy Dialog Workshop for WPF and Dialog Workshop.NET in one bundle with discount!

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