Application development in the component age
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Components and Tools


Evaluate Dialog Workshop for WPF features!

Dock your WPF Window to the left, right, top or bottom of standard dialog's area.
You can extend your dialogs and add new controls in a dialog window to provide more features for the standard dialogs.

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XAML techniques to specify dialog properties.
At design-time, use XAML to create dialog instance and specify it's properties. Also you can connect your preview window to the dialog component using XAML without using code-behind at all!

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Custom dialog box icon and title.
You can set dialog box title using Title property both at design-time using XAML or run-time/code-behind. Also you can set dialog's icon using Icon property.

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Customizable dialog box items captions.
You can provide custom texts for all items in your dialogs. For example you can replace Open text in the dialog above. Use DlgItemsCaptions property to specify custom strings (code-behind only).

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Customizable dialog startup position.
Using StartPosition property, you can specify custom startup position: screen center, a form's center, screen's X/Y values, etc.

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New events: Show, Hide, FileOk, SelectionChanged, etc.
All dialog components have Show, Hide, AcceptDialog, CancelDialog events. Also all components have dialog-specific events. For example, FolderChanged, SelectionChanged, FileOk, etc. events for Open/Save File dialogs.

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Powerful Open/Save dialogs
Many features which make Open/Save dialogs really unique and poweful: extended file listview styles, disabled Delete/Rename commands, customizable PlacesBar, etc.

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