Application development in the component age
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How easy to use Dialog Workshop for WPF in your applications.

How to dock WPF Preview window to your Open/Save dialogs

1) Using Visual Studio, create new WPF Application project:
- Create new Window which will be used as Preview pane in the dialog box.
- Add reference to ComponentAge.WPFDialogs assembly - usually located in Program Files\ComponentAge Software\Dialog Workshop\WPF\DotNet3 (or ..\DotNet4):

  • imagedescription

2) In your MainWindow's XAML, add reference to ComponentAge.Dialogs namespace:


  • imagedescription

3) Add XAML for your dialog component:

  • imagedescription

4) Add XAML for the button used to show the dialog box:

  • imagedescription

5) Add preview control in your WPF Preview window. For images, add Image control. Bind it's Source property to dialog's SelectedFileFullName:

Source="{Binding SelectedFileFullName}"

  • imagedescription

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